Laurel Skin Launch Party! Leading Brand In Organic & Sustainable Beauty.

I see myself as a connector of people and plants and that purpose fills my heart
— Laurel

We are so thrilled to announce that we are now carrying Laurel Skin in shop! 

Laurel_0387 (1).jpg


Laurel Whole Plant Organics crafts all of their skincare products from certified organic, biodynamic, and locally sourced ingredients. 

On Saturday, April 14th we will be hosting a Laurel Skin Launch Party. We will be giving 30 minute facials using exclusively Laurel Skin products for $75, furthermore, the $75 may be applied to a Laurel Skin retail purchase. Click here to reserve your Laurel facial!



The founder and creator of the holisitic skin care line, Laurel, worked as a sommelier and learned a great deal about how to tell if an ingredient is pure and of the highest possible quality during this work.



While working as a sommelier she realized her passion was working with plants and then went on to pursue an education in herbal medicine. During her time working as a sommelier and studying herbal medicine, she began creating her own skin care formulations that were made of organic, biodynamic, and sustainably sourced ingredients, and thus the beautiful Laurel Skin was born!

I made it my life’s mission to create products that I wanted for myself: products that harnessed the efficacy of authentic vibrant plant medicine, that were made thoughtfully by hand by real farmed ingredients, and that only elevated the sacred ritual spa experience of each unique destination.
— Laurel


The practice of biodynamic farming is an incredibly unique practice. According to Laurel's website, it is a holistic approach to farming; it focuses on strengthening and sustaining the health of the earth and its eco systems. It is a fascinating concept, I highly reccomend reading more about it on Laurel's website.

Along with using using certified organic ingredients and practicing biodynamic farming, Laurel Skin also sources all of their ingredients within 100 miles of their Northern California based lab. Laurel Skin uses whole plants, picked at their peak to ensure the best quality - their ingredients are food grade, and 100% raw and unrefined. Their oils are cold pressed and are always pressed by farms or artisan pressers. 

All of the intricate and thoughtful processes behind the Laurel skincare line are all a part of the brands commitment to the concept of SLOW BEAUTY.

Our commitment begins with the quality of the soil that nourishes and optimizes the ingredients we select. This is the foundation of Slow Beauty. We then follow each ingredient from seed to harvest. Through the season it takes to grow our plants, to the months our handmade blends sit steeping, to the hours we spend bottling each batch, we practice Slow Beauty with patience and intention.

Althought it would be faster (and most likely less expensive) to order their ingredients from an external source, Laurel chooses to have her creations made with not only organically and locally grown ingredients, but also, thoughtfully and carefully grown ingredients. They choose to grow their ingredients in the most sustainable way possible and work to make sure that their farming practices benefit the earth, the land, and the local eco systems that are a part of the land that is allowing them to grow their sacred ingredients. 

After learning all of the amazing information disccussed above, we could not wait to get Laurel's products on our shelves to share with our clients. Hope to see you at our launch party and we are so excited to be offering Laurels unique and truly holistic products in our shop!






April Facial Special: Celebrate Your Skin & The End Of Tax Season!

Got your taxes done? Consider treating yourself to a facial with that tax return. 

As the front desk at Echo Natural Beauty, I see all of our clients after all of their appointments, and let me tell you, everyone who comes out of a facial from Jami or Kimmer is always glowing, feeling their best, and NEVER carrying stress. I truly believe that a facial is the key to de-stressing after any event, even TAX SEASON. Bold statement, I know. 

This year, in honor or tax season being behind us, we are offering 17% off any facial appointment between April 17th and April 24th. Call to book your facial at Echo now!


Gressa Skin | Make Up That Feeds Your Skin

Recently we had the pleasure of taking part in a one on one training with Svetlana Zakharevich, the founder of Gressa Skin. 


We have been carrying a selection of Gressa Skin's products for some time now. The Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation is one of my personal favorite complexion products. 

Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation.JPG

Svetlana taught us that the key to using the Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation is that,


She also mentioned that it is incredibly important that the skin is hydrated and exfoliated. One method of hydration and daily gentle exfoliation that she reccomended was cleansing with an oil in the morning (May Lindstrom Skin's Pendulum Potion and One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil are some of our favorite oil cleansers!) and gently removing the oil from the skin with a steamy wash cloth. Furthermore, Svetlana and the Echo team are in agreement that a deep exfoliation once a week (or so, can vary person to person) is a great weekly ritual that yields beautiful skin. 

Gressa Skin's Purifying Oil is the perfect product to prep the skin for the Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation. Svetlana recommends gently pressing/patting the oil into the skin and letting the oil penetrate the skin for 30 seconds to 1 minute before applying the Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation. 

Gressa Purifying Oil.JPG

This unique facial oil is infused with chamomile to calm the skin and will not clog the pores. Being a Minimalist brand (and just like the Corrective Serum Foundation), less is more when using the Purifying Oil. 

When applying the Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation with Gressa's Air Focus Foundation Brush, Svetlana stressed to us that it is very important to apply the product in a tapping motion over any areas of the face where there is texture or dryness; on areas of the face that are not dry or textured she recommends buffing the product into the skin with the Air Focus Brush. 

Gressa Air Focus Foundation Brush .JPG

The Minimalist Illuminating Serum is a beautiful iridescent serum formula that can be used to highlight the tops of the cheeks bones, cupids bow, and brow bone. It can also be applied on its own or be mixed with the Purifying Oil or the Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation to add an all over glow to the face or body. 

DSC_0055 (1).JPG

The Minimalist Contouring Serum Bronzer is another beautiful product by Gressa Skin that we carry here at Echo Natural Beauty. 


Svetlana reccomends putting a drop of product on the back of the hand and picking up the product from the back of the hand with a brush and buffing the serum bronzer into the skin. Alternatively, this product can be applied with the fingers as well. 

This bronzing serum can also be mixed with a moiturizer to create a tinted moisturizer. Svetlana says that she actaully uses the product almost like a body oil when she wants to give her skin a sunkissed look. 

The last Gressa Skin product that we carry at Echo is the Night Repair Elixir. This one is a true treat to the skin and when used consistantly, yields amazing results. It is rich in omega 9, omega 6, and omega 7 and contains seabuckthorn oil which is incredible for repairing the skin from the many environmental factors and stressors that the skin is exposed to everyday. Furthermore it is also rich in essential oils of ylang ylang and clary sage which are incredibly balancing to the skin and body. 



Gressa's Night Repair Elixir is incredibly regenerative to the skin and also contains rosehip seed oil, a beautiful ingredient that is a natural form of vitamin A.

The Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation is my current favorite liquid foundation. It offers amazing coverage and sits beautifully on the skin when using the right techniques. 

Stop in and say hi anytime between Thursdays and Mondays to get a lesson from me on how to use the Gressa Skin color products to get an amazing skin like finish with a lovely dew and contour or bronze. You can also book an appointment with me over the phone or on our website. 

Hope to see you soon in shop to introduce you to all of the goodness that Gressa Skin has to offer!

&  A huge thank you to Svetlana for taking the time to educate us on Gressa's products. 


Travel Sized Hair & Skincare For Your Next Getaway

In our last post we talked about the chance to receive a free One Love Organics Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser with any $25 sugaring service during the week of March 19th through March 26th in honor of spring break. 

There's still time to book an appointment to receive the complimentary Easy Does It Cleanser, but if you can't make it in before the 26th, rest assured we still have plenty of our staff's favorite travel sized skincare products for sale for your upcoming getaway, or if you just want to do a trial run of some of our phenomenal skincare products before purchasing the full size here at Echo. 

The Dr. Alkaitis Trial & Travel Kit Essentials retails for $65 and gives you the chance to try out four of Dr. Alkaitis's star skincare products, the Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser, the Organic Herbal Toner, the Organic Soothing Gel, and the Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil.


We also have trial/travel sizes of the Organic Shampoo and Organic Body Wash by Dr. Alkaitis. 



Next up we have a couple more goodies in trial and travel sizes from One Love Organics! In addition to the Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser, we also carry sample sizes in the Skin Savior and Brand New Day (a staff holy grail exfoliant!) by One Love Organics. 


Berlin Skin, a Portland made skincare brand, also has a great little trial sized skincare goodie bag that we carry in shop. The goodie bag includes the Berlin Skin Coconut+Aloe Cleanser, the Geranium+Rose Toner, and the Sandalwood Cream. The entire Berlin Skin trial/travel sized goodie bag retails for $15 in shop!


Moving in to another west coast based natural skincare brand, we have some trial/travel sized Josh Rosebrook products. Fun fact, although Josh's hair and skincare brand is based out of California, Josh is actually originally from Portland. Here at Echo we have travel sizes of Josh Rosebrooks's Hydrating Accelorator (another staff favorite, it's perfect for refreshing the skin or refreshing make up through out the day), Nutrient Day Cream (tinted and un tinted - both have SPF 30), the Complete Moisture Cleanser, and the Vital Balm Cream.


We also have travel sizes in Josh's Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner, Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, Styling Creme, and the Firm Hold Hairspray.



So which travel size natural and non toxic beauty product do you need for your next vacation? 


Love was in the air a couple of posts back; and now, spring is in the air! With spring, comes SPRING BREAK and lots of warm VACATIONS, bikinis, and sitting pool side or beach side. 


What better way to prepare for lots of swimsuit-wearing than with a Bikini Sugaring or a Brazilian Sugaring here at Echo Natural Beauty? 

 Sugaring is a natural form of waxing, we use a blend of room temperature sugar, honey, and lemon juice to remove hair instead of hot wax. We believe (and have experienced ourselves) that it is much less traumatizing and irritating  to the skin.

Sugaring is a natural form of waxing, we use a blend of room temperature sugar, honey, and lemon juice to remove hair instead of hot wax. We believe (and have experienced ourselves) that it is much less traumatizing and irritating  to the skin.

We've also have you covered for all of your travel sized skincare needs. For any sugaring appointments of $25 or more between Monday, March 19th and Monday, March 26th we will gift a free travel sized One Love Organics Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser, one our favorite gentle cleansers!

Easy Does It Travel Sugaring Spring Break Promo.JPG

We also have tons of travel sized skincare prdoucts for sale in shop from Dr. Alkaitis, Josh Rosebrook, Laguna Herbals, Berlin Skin, and One Love Organics to fill all of your carry on needs. 


get into your skin & indulge with May Lindstrom

Here at Echo we are all about making time for self care. We believe that a little pampering (especially skincare-related pampering) is always a good idea. As estheticians, make up artists, and self proclaimed green beauty enthusiasts, we have found that simply taking the time to relax and take care of one’s self is one of the greatest weekly ‘pick me ups' there is.

One of our favorite brands to incorporate into our facials here at Echo and our personal skincare rituals is May Lindstrom.

May Lindstrom Problem Solver


May Lindstrom Skin is the epitome of indulgent, handcrafted, and natural skin care.


ingredients1 (1).jpg

The maker and creator of the brand, May, says on the brands website,

These are my delectable treats, made for me, by me and shared with you.
This is my journey exposed, my dreams launched, my passion spilling from my hands to the bottle you take home.
I am on a quest to inspire loving self care rituals, reveal radiant skin and ignite recognition of our individual beauty.

Beautifully said in our opinion.

One of our favorite oil based cleansers is the Pendulum Potion by May Lindstrom. The Pendulum Potion effortlessly cleanses the skin of make up and dirt, decongests pores, and leaves the skin feeling soft and clean. 

The Pendulum Potion Frame 1.jpg

While in use, the Pendulum Potion creates a woodsy aroma with hints of spice. May herself says, 

The aromas of spice, earth, trees, and fire in this unique formula ground me like no other!

To experience the Pendulum Potion and all of its luxury, warm the product up in the hands, allow yourself to breathe in the beautiful aroma created, and gently massage onto dry skin. After the beautiful oils are smoothed across the whole face and neck, wet hands and continue to massage the skin with the potion. Lastly, place a soft and steamy, warm face cloth on to the face to gently wipe away any residue. 

To follow up a relaxing oil cleanse, we reccomend doing a little masking. May Lindstrom's stunning Honey Mud is the bees knees. It is a lovely cocktail of raw honey, silver, delightful and uplifting plant oils, and white halloysite clay.


As a mask, the Honey Mud is best applied to clean and dry skin. The Honey Mud should be left to treat and nourish the skin for anywhere form ten minutes to one hour. 

The beautiful blend of white clay, honey, and aromatic oils can also be used as a cleanser when massaged into wet skin.


The Honey Mud, whether used as a daily cleanser or as a pampering mask, was made to feed and nourish the skin and to bring balance and ease to stressed out skin. 

A true pampering skincare session is not complete without a nourishing moisturizer. May Lindstrom's Youth Dew is the perfect last step after cleansing with the Pendulum Potion and masking with the Honey Mud. 


The Youth Dew is packed with antioxidants and is May's first choice for treating sensitive skin, mature skin, and acne prone skin. It was made to pentrate dry skin and to balance the skin's sebum production. 

 The Youth Dew is a true treat to the skin and includes 20 different nourishing botanical oils. 

The Youth Dew is a true treat to the skin and includes 20 different nourishing botanical oils. 

So which gorgeous May Lindstrom product are you most excited about treating your skin to? 

I've personally been obsessed with cleansing with the Pendulum Potion. 

Aside from loving using May's products in our own skincare rituals, we have been so happy with the response that we have gotten from our clients and customers who have experienced May Lindstrom products through us; whether it be through our indulgent May Lindstrom facial or through purchasing May's products at Echo. 

We are also the only retailer in Oregon who has the pleasure of sharing May Lindstrom's delightful skincare products with our region's green beauty community.

Stop in anytime at Echo Natural Beauty for a facial with exclusively May Lindstrom products, to pick up your Honey Mud, Youth Dew, or Pendulum Potion, or to learn more about May's other beautiful products. 

Thanks for stopping by our blog!
Be sure to check back soon, 



Well lovelies, it’s officially February and we are ready for Valentine’s Day here at Echo Natural Beauty.

This year we’ve got a super fun special going on for all of the lovebirds celebrating Valentine’s Day.


Our fabulous estheticians, Jami and Tanya, will be taking couples appointments at 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm, and 6 pm on February 11th, the Sunday right before Valentine’s Day!

 True beauties right here 

True beauties right here 

The package is $250 and includes a choice of either two - 75 minute facials (one for each half of the pair) or one - 75 minute facial for one lovebird and one -  75 minute massage for the other lovebird.

Like all of the facials and therapeutic massages available here at Echo, the facial and massage available in our Valentine’s Day package will be enhanced with the use of our beautiful selection of natural products from brands such as One Love Organics, Josh Rosebrook, Arcona, Berlin Skin, and May Lindstrom.

DSC_0013 (1).JPG

In addition to either a luxurious and relaxing facial or massage, the package also includes a foot soak with Laguna Herbal Salts, and of course there will be champagne and chocolate.



Tanya and Jami will be using Laguna Herbals LOVE Bath Salts for the foot soak. The LOVE herbal blend includes pink himalayan salt and epsom salt to soothe and detoxify the skin and an essential oil blend that consists of lavender essential oil and ylang ylang essential oil to encourage relaxation and feelings of affection.

To book an appointment with Jami and Tanya for you and your significant other (or friend - Galentine’s Day anyone?) give us a call at (503) 805 - 4074 or email  or book your appointment on Eventbrite. 

Hope everyone’s new year is off to a fabulous start and that everyone enjoys their Valentine’s Day this year.


It has been a busy new year here at Echo Natural Beauty. We’ve just celebrated our third birthday (super exciting), we’re working on getting some more green beauty makeup and skincare brands in store, setting up some staff training sessions with a couple of different brands, and have been plenty busy doing lots of sugaring, facials and makeovers.


Oh, and also, today, we are launching our BLOG!

Really quickly, I want to introduce myself. My name is Paige. I am a new makeup artist here at Echo Natural Beauty but have been a long time shopper at Echo and am a fellow green beauty enthusiast. I am so excited to get to work alongside such a lovely group of ladies here at Echo! Currently, I am working the front desk, helping our amazing customers find products in our shop, and taking makeup appointments. Along with running into me at Echo, you can also find me here, on the blog.

I would just like to say on behalf of all of the estheticians and makeup artists here at Echo, we are so grateful for the amazing community of green beauty enthusiasts that fill our little green beauty shop here at the corner of 9th and Everett in the Pearl. We love being able to provide natural beauty services and helping individuals just like ourselves find natural and non-toxic products that fit their lifestyle and make them feel beautiful. 

So, cheers to another amazing year full of beautiful, natural, and non-toxic fun.

 Some of our staff favorites!

Some of our staff favorites!

We hope you’ll come in and visit us in store, on Instagram, and here on our blog for makeup and skincare tips, green beauty product reviews, information on specials and events we have going on, and more natural beauty and wellness related content.